Choosing a topic for research can be as difficult as ordering food online as the choices are unlimited, but you do not know how good it is in quality and quantity. While few research ideas can be really good, but the information is limited and make new discoveries on your own. The ability to decide on a good research topic is very important when the professors only provide the niche, and you have to make your own topic. A few simple steps will help you in selecting a research topic that will also provide you with plenty of content.


The first step has to be a brainstorming session where you have to create a list of topics which pop up in your head. You can take the help of your classmates to come up with interesting ideas and pick out the one you feel confident with. Check out the latest news on the topics related to the niche and check if there is a new discovery or invention in that area. Make sure that your idea is unique and at least not overused by previous year students.

Do research on the chosen topics

Do a quick search over the encyclopedia on your decided topic and check out if there is enough content on it over the internet and books. It will help you in finding broader topics under your topics. You can also find similar topics that may interest your curiosity. You can also take the help of your professors while searching for a topic.

Focus on your topic

Pick a topic which you can handle. Do not go for a topic which is too broad to explore or too narrow to have sufficient information. Make sure that you also find out the subtopics which will fill the later pages of your paper. If you do not have the time to devote yourself to the research you can easily find research papers for sale online at for cheaper prices.

Make a list of important keywords

Note down the important keywords which describe your topic. You will need these to find relevant topics over the internet for research. Look for the words which best describes your topic. Find out the synonyms and narrower terms for lengthy keywords to widen your search capability. Define your topic in different questions and use them to search for more answers to add to your research.

Formulate a Thesis statement

Write your topic as a thesis statement, which will clearly state the purpose of your research. Your thesis statement should be at least two to three sentences, which will explain the questions you will raise in your paper. It will inform your readers about your topic in brief.

Find out the wider perspectives of your topic

If you are writing a paper on a topic which can be broken down into more topics, try to find out what will be your focus throughout the paper. Whether it is something specific about the niche or it covers the whole frame of the topic. Build a strategy to lead your readers throughout your paper without diverting from the main question.

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