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Photo Gallery, Review & Specifications

2011 Honda Civic Type R Mugen 2.2

The technicians at UK-based Mugen Euro have worked their magic on the Honda Civic Type R Mugen, producing a unique version with an extra dose of power and torque. The cylinder bore and stroke have been increased to create an overall capacity of 2,156cc, so the car has been christened the Honda Civic Type R Mugen 2.2. (continued below)

2011 Civic Type R Mugen 2.2 Photo Gallery
2011 Honda Civic Type R Mugen 2.2

Naturally-Aspirated K20 Engine Says Goodbye with One Last Special Edition

Source: Honda | Published: Thu Sep 08, 2011

(continued from above)

The result of the change is a boost in engine output from 240 to 260 hp, and additional torque is available throughout the rev range. Peak torque is now 177 lb-ft (240 Nm) at 6,000 rpm. Compared to a standard Honda Civic Type R, both power and torque are up 30 per cent.

When coupled to the host of motorsport-derived components created exclusively by Mugen - including sports suspension, uprated brakes and a stunning performance bodykit - the Mugen 2.2 represents the ultimate expression of the Honda Civic Type R philosophy.

It has been created as a fitting tribute to the highly successful Honda K20 2.0-liter petrol engine, which has ceased production in Japan. Homologated by Mugen as an FIA Group N race series engine, the K20 has long been the powerplant of choice with tuners and motorsports competitors who want the very best in naturally aspirated performance.

Moreover, it has been at the very heart of everything Mugen Euro has achieved since the company was formed in 2006. Its skilled engineers have built or tuned almost 400 examples for race and rally competitors around the world.

The Honda K20 engine has also powered the only two complete road cars produced by Mugen; the Honda Civic Mugen RR four-door saloon sold in Japan, plus the limited Honda Civic Type R Mugen sold in the UK.

Hiro Toyoda, vice-president of Mugen Euro, commented: "Environmental pressures mean naturally aspirated engines are rapidly being superseded by other engine architectures and technologies. We may never see the like of the K20 in a mainstream production car again, so felt it only fitting we mark the occasion with this special 2.2 version of the Honda Civic Type R".

Plans for the 2.2 car have yet to be finalized. Of the 20 limited edition 2.0-liter cars launched in 2010, four remain unsold and it's possible Mugen Euro may offer them with the reworked engine. Existing owners could also be invited to return their cars for an upgrade. A decision on these two proposals is expected to be made shortly.

Key: AT - automatic transmission, MT - manual transmission, F/R/AWD - front/rear/all wheel drive
Type I4
Displacement 132 cu in (2156 cc)
Power 260 hp
Torque 177 lb-ft
Redline n/a
Driveline Front Wheel Drive
Transmission 6 Speed Manual
Brakes & Tires
Brakes Front - Rear Ventilated Discs - Ventilated Discs
Tire Size Front - Rear R19
Exterior Dimensions & Weight
Length n/a
Width n/a
Height n/a
Curb Weight 2750 lbs
0-60 mph n/a
1/4 Mile n/a
60-0 Braking n/a
Top Speed n/a
Fuel Economy
EPA Fuel Mileage - City/Highway n/a
Origin & Price
Origin Japan
Base Retail Price (MSRP) n/a

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