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Nordschleife Watch

Source: Nordschleife Watch | Published: Mon Mar 28, 2011

If you have a soft spot for the world's toughest racetrack, the Nurburgring Nordschleife, then you have a chance to demonstrate that with this special watch.

Contrary to conventional timepieces this sporty yet elegant watch displays all the 24 hours in the day and not just 12 hours like most conventional analog watches.

The stainless-steel case with mineral glass is as unusual as the black 24-hour face with white numbering for hours and minutes. The hours are arranged differently than on a regular watch. The hour hand points in a different direction than on a conventional watch. A position that would indicate 3 o'clock on a conventional watch stands for precisely 18 (6 pm) o'clock on the Nordschleife 24-hour wristwatch. With this peculiarity the Nordschleife 24-hour XL watch is always a great conversation starter.

A black leather armband with silver clasp secures the watch to the owner's wrist.

The Nordschleife 24-hour XL wristwatch costs 109 Euros ($152) and is available online at

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