To keep your car functioning smoothly and running at its best, it should be maintained in the best possible condition. Proper maintenance will help save future repair costs, keep performance optimized and maintain its value and extend its life. Here are some tips and advice for keeping your car in good shape.


1.      The Engine

Oiling your engine is one of the key ways to keep it in good condition. Depending on the use and terrain you drive on, change oil regularly, as well as the oil, air and fuel filters. Also, ensure that you check the PCV valve and the spark plugs and wires to ensure that they are operating properly.


2.      Transmission

The power carrier between the engine and the wheels, the transmission fluid needs to be checked regularly to ensure smooth shifts.



3.      The Battery

Batteries are the energy storage of your car that helps with the ignition. Once the car starts, the alternator starts recharging the battery for the next time you start your car. The battery must be kept clean and secured so as to avoid vibration, connections at the terminals must be kept clean as well as tight, and a proper water level must be maintained.


4.      The Emission System

This system transfers the exhaust from the engine and passenger cabin by analyzing the gases, refining them in water vapor and gases through dampers to avoid noise. Being at the bottom of the car, it could go through some abuse while driving. So it is important to get an annual check-up of the emission system so as to keep your car running smoothly.


5.      The Brake System

All brakes rely on friction to bring the car to a halt. Car owners should keep an eye out for the warning signs of a break that needs to be changed – a low or spongy pedal, the red brake-warning light, and continuous odd noises while driving, and so on. Get the brake system checked out any time you find something off, or at least annually.


6.      Climate Control

In many cars today, the heating and air conditioning systems are well integrated enough to keep working over long periods. Your air conditioning is meant to keep you cool, and if it is not doing so, there is probably a leak in the climate control system. Get the system checked out regularly to ensure that it works properly.


7.      The Cooling System

This system helps keep the engine at optimum temperature but cooling down the engine and radiator. Checking the cooling system regularly will help keep coolant levels in check as well as look for wears and tears in the system that need attending to.


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